We will tackle grammar issues only when they arise in the course of normal lessons. I have found this approach to be the best way to maintain interest in the subject. Grammar pure grammar lessons are boring!

And did you click on the word holistic? Finding words you don't know and adding them to your vocabulary are a key part of improving your English.

This ‘holistic’ approach to teaching English is particularly suitable for older students who lack the time to learn by repartition.

No text books!

School students need text books with examples, but if you are in business the most effective examples are all around you, your business and your every day working life.

      No grammar?

                    How is this possible?

A lesson which is interesting and fun helps students to not only remember the lesson but creates an interst in the subject beyond just the facts.

I deal with issues of grammar only when they arise.

t's the same with words. We will grow your vocabulary as we find words you don't know. No lists to remember, just a natural increase in your word power through conversation.